All Round Plus | Reematec Best Top Hand ball white and Light salmon All Round Plus | white and Light salmon Upper cover printed with Black All Round Plus | Light salmon and white great color combination with black printed design All Round Plus | Size 3 hand stitched Hand ball White and Light salmon
All Round Plus | Reematec Best Top Handball white and Light salmon

All Round+ Hand Stitched | Handballs

Patterned surface with EVA and lining. Fitted with seamless bladder and scratch resistant ink


Additional Information


Hi-tec advanced tacky Durable PU with 3D patterned surface laminated on non woven backing support 1.2mm.


2.5mm cross-linked SBR foam. Closed cell for smooth panel levelling, and ultimate soft impact, with high memory return, soft hand feel.


3 layers of polyester laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacterial protection.


Fitted with seamless cured latex balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time.


Reactive & cross-linked PU non-slippery, matt ink film, scratch resistant.

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