Buckler | Lightweight sublimated Hybrid grip Black glove Buckler | A glove white background in black color sublimated and machine stitched
Buckler | Removable finger save for impact protection Machine stitched Fire red and black gloves

Buckler Match Gloves | Goalkeeper Gloves

Excellent gloves with professional latex for quality grip and stability, removable finger save for impact protection


Additional Information


3.5mm New Basic latex foam increased shot impact resistance and provides superior grip for performance.


Lightweight sublimated Neoprene with removable finger spine provides extra reinforcement during hitting.


One piece Neoprene body with anti-abrasion padding increases durability and cushion


Hybrid cut provides snug & easy fit with maximum grip. A wrap thumb and fingertip wraps for protection.


Rubber tabbed double wrap-around stretch wrist strap stabilizes and supports the wrist while catching and diving for the ball.

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