Indoor | Official size 5 great football light green indoor | used football in clubs for training students Indoor | Accounting to FIFA Quality size and wight football light green color Indoor | Multiple fabric with double sheet bladder soccer ball in light green color
Indoor | light green best soccer ball for indoor players

Indoor Hand Stitched | Soccer & Footballs

Microfiber felt material reinforced with multiple fabric fitted with double sheet bladder and scratch resistant ink.


Additional Information


Micro fiber felt material laminated on fabric support 1.9mm.


4 layers of PV PC Interweaving and crossed @ 90°. Laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacteriostatic protection.


Fitted with Butyl moulded double sheet bladder, interchangeable needle valve system balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time.


Reactive & cross-linked PU ink, shiny film, scratch resistant.

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