Supreme Grip Evolution | White background white and Navy Hand ball Supreme Grip Evolution | White and Navy Hand ball front of white background Supreme Grip Evolution | Main cover is white Navy and printed with sliver color Supreme Grip Evolution | Two Color Hand ball white and Navy size 3
Supreme Grip Evolution | White background white and Navy handball

Supreme Grip Evolution Hand Stitched | Handballs

Soft and durable ball with cross-linked foam and polyester lining. Fitted with seamless bladder and scratch resistant ink.


Additional Information


Newly developed soft and durable tacky material special surface gives the ball its own unique look laminated on non-woven scrim based backing 1.2mm


2.5mm cross-linked SBR foam. Closed cell for smooth panel levelling, and ultimate soft impact, with high memory return, soft hand feel.


3 layers of Polyester laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacterial protection.


Fitted with seamless cured latex balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time.


Reactive & cross-linked PU non-slippery, matt ink film, scratch resistant.

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