VB 500 | Lightweight machine stitched orange and yellow volleyball VB 500 | yellow and orange soft touch volleyball VB 500 | Soft hand PU orange and yellow volleyball VB 500 | Machine stitched size 5 Orange and Yellow volleyball
VB 500 | Match ball yellow and orange color volleyball

VB-500 Machine Stitched | Volleyballs

Ultra soft PVC and PV lining fitted with a seamless bladder. Printed with non-slippery ink.


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Durable ultra soft, tacky PVC cover with pattern laminated on knitted cloth backing support 2.5mm (7P Free as per REACH standards SGS certified).


1 layer of PV. Interweaving and crossed @ 90°. Laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacteriostatic protection.


Fitted with seamless cured latex balanced bladder, interchangeable needle valve system balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time.


Reactive & cross-linked PU non-slippery, matt ink film, scratch resistant.

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