Ace | Reematec Pakistan manufacturer Made Maroon and white  Handball official weight Ace| manufactured Maroon white handball for men Ace | Soft tacky PVC Maroon white handball made for club school Ace | White background handball maroon and white use Indoor Outdoor
Ace | Maroon white PU material use handball MOQ available at reematec

Ace Machine Stitched | Handballs

Soft and tacky surface with EVA and lining. Fitted with double sheet bladder and printed with slippery ink.


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Durable ultra soft, tacky PVC cover laminated on knitted cloth backing support 2.5mm (7P Free as per REACH standards SGS certified).


2.0mm HD EVA based microcellular closed cell foam, with high memory return.


1 layer of PV interweaving, crossed @ 90° laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacteriostatic protection.


Fitted with NR moulded double sheeted bladder, interchangeable needle valve system balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time.


Reactive & cross-linked PU non-slippery, matt ink film, scratch resistant.

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