Lite 350 | reematec best football for training Lite 350 | 32 panels size 4 orange-red black circles football Lite 350 | reematec best soccer ball for training Lite 350 | 32 panels size 4 orange-red soccer ball
Lite 350 | a round orange-red football printed black circles

Lite-350 Machine Stitched | Soccer & Footballs

Polyester/ether Copolymer TPU, 1 layer of PV. Eva For Softness. Fitted with NR bladder. Printed with scratch resistant ink


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Polyester/ether Copolymer TPU cover 0.15mm colorful upper for improved visibility and faster player reactions enamel finished


1 layer of PV Interweaving and crossed @ 90°. Laminated with High Ammonia latex, 60% dry rubber content treated with bacteriostatic protection


3.0mm HD EVA based microcellular closed cell foam with high memory return


Fitted with NR based bladder winded and reinforced with 2200 yards of polyester, interchangeable needle valve system balanced bladder having high air retention properties versus time


Reactive & cross linked PU ink, shiny film, scratch resistant

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